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The points winner in all the B & C classes will be automatically advanced to the next class skill level.
(i.e. B will be moved to A; C will be moved to B)

Please note once you moved up, either by choice or automatically you are not allowed to move back.
Anyone caught riding in a class skill level that they should not be, after moving up, be will be Automatically
DISQUALIFIED from that event.


Riders Automatically Advanced


Racers advanced to Expert class

Class Champions: Austin Eggers


Racers advanced to A classes

Class Champions: Blake Feldbusch, Austin Danhauer
Top 5% Overall: Jared Jones, Matt Calhoon


Racers advanced to B classes

Class Champions: Tyler Meadors, Kyle Symanski, Sam Hinkle, Josh Allen, Douglas Barr, Lee Blesch
Top 5% Overall: Briar Meadors, Cody Foutch, Josh Fentress, Steven Arthur


Racers advanced to C classes

Class Champions: Jared Shigley
Top 5% Overall: Daniel Reddick